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Affordable email verification for businesses, marketers and startups.  Easy, integrated, budget friendly email list verification service to ensure your emails never bounce. Clean your email list before sending and achieve 99% email list validation.

Powerful Email Verification made simple. Give it a try!

Your campaigns are only as good as your email deliverability. Remember, Your success is only as good as your cleaned email list.

How We Make Your Email Workflow Easier!

Bulk Email List Verification

We make it easy tor you to verify tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of emails at once using out bulk email checker.

Single Email Verification

Looking for a simple way to verify just a few emails use our single email validation field to check email validity on the go.

Copy/Paste Email Verification

Just copied some emails and you want to see how mnay are valid and good for sending? Use our copy paste verification box and easy to use email checker.

Verify Emails: 2 Step Email Checker

Upload your file directly, import from your preferred integration or paste your emails.

The first step in verifying your email list is to upload a Comma Separated Value file (.csv), Microsoft® Excel® file (.xls, .xlsx) or a Text File (.txt) directly from your computer or using one of our integrations

Scrub, Verify and Manage Your Email Lists

Browse, search through, and manage your email lists with incredible ease. Give your team granular control over how your customer's data is verified and who has access.


Some frequently asked Email Verification questions

How to verify an email address?

Although verification might seem extremely simple with the use of emailverify it is however a super complex process. At the very basic level you take your email list and upload it to our email verification system and the magic is done. You will find that we have created easy to use integrations as well as simple upload and copy paste options for you to utilize and make the process much easier.

Do You have a Bulk Email Verifier ?

Yes! We built Email verify exactly for this purpose! So that small business owners, marketers and startups would have an easy, simple and affordable way to verify email addresses in bulk. You will notice that we also support single email verification as well as a copy paste email list verification of up to 1000 emails and a bulk email verification process of up to 1 million emails!

Do you offer a free email checker?

Yes we do! Head over to our free email checker and you will be able to check a few emails for free. However if you do choose to sign up you will get 100 free email credits for use so you can verify your list. 

Do you offer hotmail email verification?

Yes we do! We fully support hotmail as well as other providers and we provide a 99.5% assurance of accuracy for hotmail! So feel free to upload your email list for validation.

Do you have a built in Email Finder?

At the moment  Email Verify does not have a built in email finder. However this is something that we have looked into and plan to have in the future. We do understand the need and importance of finding emails for many businesses so we are working hard to be bale to provide a 360 email solution for our customers.

How can we ensure that emails neverbounce?

It's super interesting that you ask this! This is one our primary focuses when it comes to email cleaning and email validation we strive to make sure that once your list is cleaned your emails never bounce. We have written on this topic as well in our email marketing blog on the 6 ways to make sure your emails neverbounce

Do credits roll over on monthly plans?

Yes they do! At Email Verify we believe in giving you the best value for your investment. And we see your purchase as an investment that grows and continues to provide value for you and your business.  

Can I make emails Bounceless?

As an Email Verification service our goal is exactly that, to make sure your emails bounceless and you are able to ensure your email IP reputation stays in great standing. We know how difficult it is to reach the inbox nowadays and our goal is to provide you with a fast, effective email checker that ensures your emails bounce less. 

Integrate with your favorite platforms

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Verifications / Month
Sign up
Bounceless $19
Briteverify $25
Zerobounce $40
Neverbounce $20


Verifications / Month
Sign up
Bounceless $39
Briteverify $50
Zerobounce $40
Neverbounce $40


Verifications / Month
Sign up
Bounceless $59
Briteverify $100
Zerobounce $80
Neverbounce $50


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